ICPAM 2018

Special Session: Approximation Theory and Special Functions - 5th Series

This special session is the isth edition of a series of mini-symposia which bring together researchers from all areas Approximation Theory and Special Functions. The first one was organized within the international conference ICNAAM 2013 Conference in Greece, the second one in MDS 2014 Conference in Bulgaria, the third one in ETAMM 2016 Conference in France, and the last one in ISAAC 2017 Conference in Sweden.

The highlighted topics (but not limited to)
Classical Approximation, Korovkin-Type Approximation, Statistical Approximation, Interpolation, Fuzzy Approximation, Summability, Time Scales, Constructive Approximation, Orthogonal Polynomials, Generating Functions, Matrix-Valued Polynomials, q-Analysis, Fractional Analysis, General Orthogonal Systems, Fourier Analysis.

Two branches:
1) Approximation Theory
Chair: Prof. Oktay Duman: TOBB University od Economics and Technology, Department of Mathematics, Ankara, Turkey          
2) Special Functions;
Chair: Prof. Esra Erkus-Duman:  Gazi University, Turkey

Submission Notes
If you would like to give a talk in this special session, then, before the registration process, please first contact to Chair Prof. Oktay Duman (e-mail: okitayduman@gmail.com) or mail conference secretary Ashily Qi (
e-mail: icpam@sciei.org)

Submission Deadline: April 30.