General Chair
Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli
Thunder Energies Corporation
1444 Rainville Rd., Tarpon Springs, FL 34684, U.S.A.

Session Isomathematics
Chair: Prof. Svetlin Georgiev
           Sorbonne University, Paris, France
The most leading mathematician in the field and author of "six" monographs in isomathematucs

Presentation Information:

Paper ID Title Authors
MT101 Fundamentals of Isomathematics Arun S. Muktibodh
MT102 Introduction to Conformable Iso-Dierential Calculus Svetlin G. Georgiev
MT103 On the Santilli’s iso-hyper-mathematics.
The Santilli’s hyper-numbers
Thomas Vougiouklis
MT104 The Lie Santilli’s weak-hyper-admisibility.
The helix-hyperoperations on the low dimensional cases.
Thomas Vougiouklis
MT105 Generalized Lie Algebraic Geometry in R3×SO(3) Configuration Space for  SU(3) of Elementary Particles and for Wave-packing of Atomic Structure. Animalu,2, Akpojotor, Edeagu S2,4Trell

Session Isomechanics
Chair: Prof. Jan Rak
           Group Leader, CERN
The most distinguished scientist in neutron synthesis

Presentation Information:

Paper ID Title Authors
MT201 Title to be announced Jan Rak
MT202 Experimental Evidence on the Synthesis of Neutrons and Neutroids from a Hydrogen Gas Simone Beghella Bartoli
MT203 The search for pseudoneutrons and pseudoprotons and their application Ruggero Maria Santilli
MT204 Hadronic Structures of Light Nuclides. Stable versus Unstable ones Anil A. Bhalekar and Ruggero M. Santilli
MT205 The detection of antimatter galaxies via Santilli Isodual Telescope Simone Beghella Bartoli
MT206 Holographic Viscous Dark Energy Described by Modified Equation of
State and Scalar Field
G S Khadekar
MT207 Santilli’s Mathematical structure for representation of Antimatter Pradeep S. Muktibodh
MT208 Mathematics and Meaning in the Dirac Equation Peter Rowlands
MT209 Reliable Neutron Detection in Noisy Environments: Hardware and Methodology Max I. Fomitchev-Zamilov1


Session Isochemistry
Chair: Prof. Anil A. Bhalekar
           Department of Chemistry, R. T. M. Nagpur University, Amravati Road Campus, Nagpur, India
The leader in the field.

Presentation Information:

Paper ID Title Authors
MT301 Hadronic Chemistry and iso-Helium Anil A. Bhalekar1 and Ruggero M. Santilli
MT302 Elements of hypercombustion R. M. Santilli